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Oracle Identity Management Administration Course Overview:

The Oracle Identity Manager: Administration and Implementation course covers how to install the product and use it to manage company’s users, organizational units, resources and privileges. This includes the five fundamental actions an administrator performs with a resource-related account: creating, disabling, reinstating, modifying, and deleting the account. Students also learn how Oracle Identity Manager 10g (Product version 9.1) retrieves user and organizational records from both trusted and nontrusted sources, including how to implement workflows to detect rogue accounts from nonauthorized resources.

Oracle Identity Management Administration Course Content:

  • Introduction
  • Identity Management: Overview
  • Understanding Oracle Identity Manager
  • Installing and Configuring Oracle Database
  • Installing and Configuring Oracle Weblogic Server
  • Installing and Configuring Schema for OID & OVD using RCU
  • Installing and Configuring Identity Management Suite
  • Upgrading Database Schema for Identity Management
  • Installing and Configuring Oracle Identity Manager
  • Starting and Understanding Oracle Identity Manager Consoles
  • Managing Users and User Entities
  • Using Predefined Connectors
  • Assigning Oracle Identity Manager Connectors to Users
  • Provisioning User Resources Manually
  • Provisioning User Resources Automatically
  • Expanding the Provisioning Workflow
  • Approving the Provisioning Workflow
  • Understanding Reconciliation
  • Performing Reconciliation
  • Understanding and Using Attestation Processes
  • Customizing the OIM Administrative and User Console

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